L’image déclenche le son, et le son influence l’image.
Projet initialement créé pour servir de VJing automatique, puis modifié pour devenir une installation interactive utilisable par du public. Des potentiomètres et des boutons permettent de commander les formes et les sons.

You can download the patch here : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1u0YIjK_RAuA3cEm8EJXeqdMXMrd2F-Qm/view?usp=sharing

And here are the english informations about it :

To summarize, there are several sub-patches whose main parameters are accessible, but which must be opened to go further:

  • Audio: in which the audio analysis is done to extract sound parameters (pitch, amplitude…) and in which the player is located to add an external sound to the patch.
  • Video: not really a sub-patch, but the block on the right manages the video window and the general light (color, location, etc.)
  • The sub-patches which contain the visual parameters of the shapes and their sounds:
    – Cube: management of the cube shape and flashes (parameters: Cube On/off, Flash On/off, Flash Pulse, Cube proximity, Audio flash threshold cube, Audio Flash threshold)
    – Spheres: three rotating spheres (parameters: Presence of spheres, rotation speed)
    – Circles: 4 circles that appear grow and disappear continuously (parameters: On/off, speed)
    – Wave: A sort of cube that encompasses everything and can deform slightly (parameters: Presence, Lines/points, Wave impulse, Noise impulse)
    – Material: a shape that evolves (more or less) according to the sound (parameter: presence)